‘Drowning’ Rapper, Suffix, Dives Into Janta’s Tears

 ‘Drowning’ Rapper, Suffix, Dives Into Janta’s Tears

Janta and XWife

Christian rapper, Suffix, has become the latest among various public figures to comment on the controversial romantic break-up involving record producer, Janta, and his wife.

Using social media to make his opinion public, Suffix seems not to understand the motive behind most people’s obsession with bad news especially when it happens to a local celebrity.

His comment, which continues to attract numerous views, comes days after ‘Divorce’ hit-maker, Janta, heartbreakingly announced his sudden breakup with his wife-to-be on a serious allegation that she was having a sexual relationship with a man who happens to be married.

Suffix, who admits that he’s yet to contact Janta to hear his side of the story and also to console the Area 25-based musician, says it’s about time the public accepted the fact that celebrities are also prone to making mistakes just like any other human being.

A visibly agitated and audibly frustrated Suffix goes on, in his four minutes long video, to attack most people’s lack of sympathy when someone is sinking deep in depression.

Laments the “Drowning” hit maker, “We don’t even have the conscious to feel bad about it. We don’t even sympathise with these people who are hurt.”

Without stating if his piece of advice on the matter is directly meant for Janta, Suffix strongly believes maintaining a “small circle” of friends is the solution to receiving unconditional support when bad news strikes. He mentions his colleagues KBG and Liwu and his unnamed church pastor as his circle of friends that has been with him through and through.

He stresses, “Most importantly, SEEK GOD; He loves you unconditionally.”

Suffix says envy is crosscutting, as it is also behind Malawi’s failure to achieve meaningful development.

In the end he pleads, “Please, guys, stop being obsessed with negativity.”

Suffix- Stop being obsessed with negativity

Meanwhile, Janta continues to receive widespread support from fellow celebrities with veteran singer Lucius Banda paying him a visit as evidenced by an image which has gone viral on social media.

Janta and ex wife

In his video comment, Suffix asks, “Is it a “Human/Heart problem”? Or maybe aMalawi’fe we just love Bad News kwambiri?

By MacFarlene Mbewe

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