‘Redeemer’ Redeems Jay-Jay

 ‘Redeemer’ Redeems Jay-Jay

By Marcfarlane Mbewe

Following years of fame as a cover musician, singer, Jay-Jay, is redefining his decades long career as he has turned to Christian music with an intention to penetrate the international scene.

Days after releasing ‘Redeemer’, his first Christ-centred song since he discovered interest in music some two decades ago, Jay-Jay has exclusively told zambuye.com that he has come into the reggae gospel music circle to stay with a plan to “put Malawi on top.”

In the contemporary reggae piece, the Blantyre resident acknowledges God’s power that created the universe and things, seen and unseen. He goes on expressing thanks for all the great things given to him by God each passing day.

Behind the scenes

A determined Jay-Jay, born John Kutsokwe, explains, “My message is powerful. I’m not just singing gospel music but also inspiring, encouraging and preaching to people who don’t know about the word of God.”

Looking into the future, Jay Jay has his mission cut out. He says, “My plan is to give people good gospel music every time. When I release a new song I want it to be one that will make people fall in love with my new approach to music.”

Jay-Jay became a born-again Christian sometime last year after a life-changing experience that led him to Jesus. From then on, he never looked back, so much so that he decided to begin spreading the gospel through reggae which happens to be a very popular music genre in Malawi.

The keyboardist has three albums to his credit adding on to an illustrious career that saw him performing as a backing vocalist for the likes of Piksy before establishing himself as a member of contemporary resident bands like Mibawa.

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