RFP targets future generations in Young Champions Conference

 RFP targets future generations in Young Champions Conference

Raised for a Purpose (RFP) Ministries is this Saturday, 19th September, set to host hundreds of youths across the country, for a Young Champions Conference (YCC).

The conference will be held at its Headquarters, Koinonia Convocation Arena (KCA) near Robins Park in Blantyre from 9AM to 12 noon and will be streamed on its global platforms.

In a statement, RFP’s Media and Communications Director Chipiliro Kansilanga says the conference is targeting young people between the ages of 16-24, to equip them with knowledge on how to live and embrace a fulfilling life in Christ during their youth.

“As a ministry we believe in providing the right environment for young people where their energies can be rightly harnessed and positively channeled.

“We are set to establish the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in every young person in Malawi and all over the world,” she said.

The statement also quotes RFP’s founder and President, Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga saying YCC is not only a life-changing conference but also a purpose giver for the future generations.

“We carry the Gospel to shape the future leaders of the nations. We believe that we are the answer to our generation, a generation that does not compromise its standards because of the “21st century syndrome,” said Mwasinga.

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga

He further described the conference as “the answer to young people who may not be aware of their relevance to the generation in all spheres of life; spiritually, intellectually and physically”.

RFP is also renowned for its crowd-pulling annual conferences such as Combining Spiritual & Academic Excellence (CSAE), Financial Success Conference (FSC) and Marriage, Courtship and Singlehood (MCS) seminars among many of its flagship programmes.

Attendance to the YCC conference is free by registration at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/young-champions-conference-tickets-116595854339


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