Devoted Heart Talks The Christian Walk

 Devoted Heart Talks The Christian Walk

US-based Malawian Church Minister, Kettie Mtawali, one of the two founders of Devoted Heart,

By Marcfarlane Mbewe

Building from the success of ‘Helpmeets Prayer Over Kings’, organisers of the women’s prayer meeting are set to host ‘Kings and Helpmeets’ Conference, a unisex online event scheduled for October 10.

The virtual conference will be held under the theme “Understanding Your Role”. Its objective is to provide Christians, both male and female, with wholesome online resources that can help them appreciate and value their God-given role in a relationship as they seek for a continued walk with Jesus. It stems from the biblical principle that men are kings or heads of their respective families or romantic relationships while women are to be rightful helpers or render assistance to men of their own.

“We developed the idea behind the conference after noticing the need for Christians to continously nurture their relationship with God. To us Christianity goes beyond accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour,” said US-based Malawian Church Minister, Kettie Mtawali, one of the two founders of Devoted Heart, the faith-based organisation behind the event.

US-based Malawian Church Minister, Kettie Mtawali, one of the two founders of Devoted Heart

She has told in an exclusive interview from her base in the US that October’s virtual meeting comes straight after a power-packed and Holy Spirit-filled “Helpmeets Prayer Over Kings” online prayer conference which brought together women from across the world to stand in prayer and faith for the men.

The church minister says Devoted Heart strongly believes there are many pressing matters and challenges that most men go through, which they don’t share with their partners, so much so that from the first event marriages were transformed and relationships are flourishing.

Said an audibly upbeat Kettie, “Testimonies are already coming in from different countries. We’re so excited about what God is doing.”

Hopes are high that the forthcoming ‘Kings and Helpmeets’ conference will be graced by a power couple in the Lord and special music performances as was the case with the women’s prayer meeting which featured Swaziland-based Malawian Church Minister, Pastor Bernadetta Mlaka-Maliro, South Africa’s Kimberly Gondora, King David of Ghana. The event was a also graced by East African Got Talent award winners, Ezekiel and Esther of Uganda.

Looking into the future, Minister Kettie and her compatriot, Tanthwe Mmangisa, who doubles as founder of Devoted Heart, say they will devote their hearts towards helping fellow Christians nurture their walk with Jesus through online resources like spoken word, motivational videos, worship music, testimonies and sermons that cater for the mind, body and soul.

Esther and Ezekiel of Uganda, East African Got Talent award winners, graced the event

Presently, the Malawian duo is keeping on with their mission through Devoted Heart’s social media channels on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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