King’s Dressing – Fountain Of Victory brings “The Making of a Fashionable Man”

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At the staging of Making of a Real Man series, now part 3, One of the key presentations men should look forward to is ‘The making of a Fashionable Christian Man’

The Making Of a Real Man series have become a go to Friday night events, organized and hosted by Fountain Of Victory whose main speaker is Apostle Joseph Ziba, founder and father of the ministry.

This Month event takes place tonight in Blantyre at the famous Tent Of His Meeting, at Kudya. Admission is free.

Music ministration will be done by Steve Muliya, Sir Mervin and Andrew Pwele. Andrew Pwele won the 2019 Artist of The Year Presidential Awards.

Andrew Pwele, expected to perform tonight

One of the famous men of God in this generation, Pastor Chris ever said: “Dress like a child of a King, for your heavenly Father takes pleasure in your good looking. Looking good is not the same thing as looking expensive…. Whatever you have, put it on with dignity. Wash it, clean it, polish it, iron it and put it on like a king.”

Happening Tonight

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