ECG youth Road to Crossover is Today

 ECG youth Road to Crossover is Today

By Mercy Maulana. 

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Blantyre Church, is this Saturday, 12th December set to host hundreds of youths across the city to a Youth Road to Crossover.

Happening today

The event that will be held at the Angelo ECG Church land is expected to start from 9AM to 4 in the afternoon.

In a statement,One of the event organisers,Thapelo Kumbuka Banda said the event event has been made to encourage and help one another as young people not to miss the Ministry’s major event,the Miracle night crossover taking on the New Year’s eve. 

“In recent years Crossover Night event has been happening in South Africa, so we are here to encourage each other on how we can give support to the major event”

“We are Sons and Daughters of Major 1 and it is an honor that this year’s crossover is happening here in Malawi. This is an opportunity for us to promote and make the Miracle Crossover a global event”, He said.

In a statement,the resident Pastor for the church, Apostle Innocent Kumwenda said that apart from promoting the crossover event, they also look at promoting youth talent and Godly Characters among youths in the church.

“In our churches,we have talented young people ,yet their talent is not recognised, i am hopeful that this event will expose them and help promote their talents”. 

“As we promote them ,we also keep them busy with ministry activities hence ,they don’t involve themselves in worldy activities,for they develop the God fearing character in them”, Kumwenda said.

Activities at the event include motivation speech by Elder Dossi,music by Bethel,Joe Bone,Cathie B,LIA,CaIRO AL, Chisomo Window and many more.

The Youth Road to Crossover is a free event to be hosted by CHURCHBOYTHAPRA and RHEMA.

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