By: Bester Kayaye

A movement of Christian urban artists in Malawi under the flagship Same Team Malawi is set to release its first ever cypher today.

The grouping which is comprised of artists mainly from Blantyre and Lilongwe was formulated to bring together like-minded artists willing to polish their arts and spread the gospel through different talents and collaborations.

Speaking in an interview with, Jameson Makande populary known as A’chanza in music industry who is also part of the publicity squad for the team hinted that the cypher concept was derived to cement foundation of future projects the group is set to implement on.

A’chanza explained; “Alright so the idea for the cypher has come from a long way. The idea was propounded by several guys like the beat was produced by Cue One, recording was done by CEO, and Chizmo did mixing while mastering was done by TNO. So the process of the cypher rooted in uniting different artists under Same Team Umbrella with an aim of spreading the word to the mass.

He said the jam is comprised of 14 artists collectively and it is in 3 segments. The cypher will be available on our YouTube channel.

“This cypher has both Lilongwe and Blantyre guys namely Ayram, Beuce Africa, Blessed Citizen, Penjani, Maurice, Josh Ali, Josiah Cross, D Manzy, TNO, Hagios, Matt Hew, EQ O’dala, Regenerate and myself” –He listed.

A’chanza added that through the piece artists have each embraced a different message all under the umbrella message of speaking JESUS.

He also explained that the cypher video has already been shot and edited by Caper and “this is just a starter and more is coming from the Same team Malawi”

“”As for our fans I just urge them to be really expectant and know there is great work embedded in this project and more great projects packed for this year, going forth” He added.

Same team began with a WhatsApp group on 11 December 2015 and has evolved to a group that has extended its reach to a podcast and social media platform for content outlets apart from the WhatsApp group.

And it has a vision to have all Urban Christian artists in Malawi unite and collaborate in sharing talent, skills and resources to reach a wider audience worldwide.