Lawi Burns Against Self-Hate Ahead Of ‘Zitsulo’ Release

 Lawi Burns Against Self-Hate Ahead Of ‘Zitsulo’ Release

By Marcfarlane Mbewe

A fired-up Lawi has set on fire black-on-black hate, which the South Africa-based Malawian musician says overshadows efforts behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Interesting is Lawi’s burning condemnation of self-hate amongst Africans considering the fact that it comes hours a day before the release of ‘Zitsulo’, his new video, shot and produced in the rainbow nation.

Lawi: From our hurt and hate we have become our own oppressor

Speaking on Facebook, the 34 year-old is seemingly angered by most people on the continent who are campaigning vigorously against racism yet many Africans, in his words, hate on fellow black people across the globe who are working hard at something and show signs of progress and excellence.

In his strong opinion, hate on self, jealousy, envy and selfishness are acts that mercilessly, savagely take away black lives.

“From our hurt and hate we have become our own oppressor,” laments Lawi, who expresses worry that blacks on the continent are “on self-destruct mode.”

Though he fell short of mentioning it, many are very likely to regard his comment as a direct reaction to the arrest, in South Africa, of Prophets Shepherd and Mary Bushiri, who ironically happen to be the guitarist’s compatriots.

On the other hand, Lawi has, through his reaction, joined a long list of public figures across the continent who are strongly against Police brutality in Nigeria.

He suggests that efforts by black people behind ending Police brutality and white-on-black violence in the US should also be directed towards events in Zimbabwe, South Africa, DRC, Somalia, Mozambique and Cameroon.

Lawi’s Facebook post continues to attract comments from a wide range of people, something which is likely to make him one of the most influential voices on the continent as he takes Malawian music to the world.

The 2014 All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) nominee does not publicly comment on political issues in his native Malawi or the continent but his music largely speaks against social ills, including jealousy and pride, among many others.

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