Echorino drops Untamed this Saturday

 Echorino drops Untamed this Saturday

By Martin Chrispine Juwa

EchoRino, one gifted gospel rapper based in Lilongwe, will release a single titled “Untamed” Saturday, 3rd October, 2020. The new track features Christian rappers C.H.R.I.M, DJ. MPHO, and R&B songbird Emmax, from Chosen for Change.

C.H.R.I.M and DJ. MPHO are some of the country’s ardent Christian lyricists, with a large following and seemingly playing their cards well as far as writing good music is concerned. Emmax is well-known as one of the best vocalists in the Christian cycles. He has collaborated with many decorated artists. As such, this team, working together in “Untamed” clearly brings out great expectations!

Signed under YESU MUZIMASPEAKER movement, Echorino is working on an album “AMFUMU (The King is Coming)”. The rapper has revealed that this new album will hopefully be out in November, 2020. One of the songs off it is “Mwamasuka”, which was released in August.

Echorino is working on an album “AMFUMU”

Echorino has a track record of releasing hit songs. In January, 2019, his “Ndakonzeka” EP was released and freely shared. The Gospel Hip Hop star thanks God because the EP received great recognition and his art was appreciated big time to date.

From 2018’s releases of “Favour” and “Dear My Future”, Echorino moved on to “Lipenga Lomaliza”, which ushered him into the arena of stars since it built him a great fan base. The “Lipenga Lomaliza” video reached all corners of Malawi through its wide plays in different TV stations.

Speaking to, Echorino said, “I have released a few songs including “I don’t Panic” people can access it from Mikozi website. “Mwamasuka” is enjoying airplays and i am sure “Untamed” will receive the same amount of support I have enjoyed.”

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