Achanza’s New Single Inspires Youths

 Achanza’s New Single Inspires Youths

AChanza’s inspire Artwork

By Marcfarlane Mbewe

Blantyre-based gospel Hip-Hop artist, Achanza, says his upcoming single ‘Inspire’ is meant to promote a message of hope at a time when hopelessness is common amongst young people.

Achanza, 25, has told in an exclusive interview that the song, whose release date is soon to be announced, features Sir Creedy, who he defines as a gospel dancehall artist so gifted and serious with his work.

He explained, “The song is simply laying out a message of hope, communicating to the youth that they can do better. They can do more.”

Achanza – The song has a message of hope

Real name Jameson Makande, the pianist says in ‘Inspire’ he is standing as a model in front of fellow youths in an attempt to boost their morale so that they should emulate his example which has seen him follow the footsteps of Kamuzu Banda, John Chilembwe, Malcom X and Nelson Mandela. These are renowned world figures whose images appear in the song’s artwork.

The instrumental to ‘Inspire’ was done by Lilongwe-based Asodzi, while Blantyre’s Mystery the Beat KingKong produced the song.

In a demonstration of how much he values his act, Achanza says studio work was done in August but he opted to put it out in the coming days because he needed ample time to thoroughly analyse the piece before it goes public.

As it stands, the musician is hoping that ‘Inspire’ will be inspired by the success that followed the release of ‘Manyazi’ which features the pioneering rapper, David Kalilani, and Sir Creedy.

AChanza’s inspire Artwork

A career journalist, Achanza, doubles as CEO of Heaven Enterprise, a group of companies with interests in music, designing and confectioneries.

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