By Tamandani Mwalabu

Worship Army, a group of individuals coming from different denominations will next week Monday, 28th December host a day long worship explosion at Blantyre Baptist Church.

Speaking about the event, organizing chairperson, Violet Banda said they came up with the idea of worship explosion having noticed a lack of understanding on the subject of worship which is crucial among believers.

Violet Banda

“We have discovered that though worship is a crucial part of every christian service, it is rarely emphasized.  Most Christians know the importance of worship but unfortunately they lack better understanding of the subject. This could be a reason why it is given less value than it deserves, hence a need to bring a change through this platform,” she said.

Banda said they have been conducting mini worship sessions which have helped them to assess the level of understanding worship and enabled them identify areas which need to be done in the right way if believers are to have a fuller experience of God in  worship.

“We have been gathering for mini worship sessions which have set a good benchmark for the worship explosion where we will come together to celebrate God in a mega worship explosion. We desire the body of Christ to come to a level where it is reckoned as the bride of Christ and not the denominational lines that divide us,” said Banda

During the event, there will be special performance from sweet perfume worship team apart from worship Army praise team which will lead the worship. Banda says pastors, Apostles, Bishops and members from all churches are invited.