Golden Hearts Preaches Through Charity work

 Golden Hearts Preaches Through Charity work

By Mercy Maulana

The Golden Hearts Foundation is this Thursday, all set to spread the love of Jesus Christ to the world through charity work.

The group, established in September this year, targets young mothers, the elderly and orphans. The outreach program has been set to start at Kayombo village in Mzimba and thereafter spread to all corners of the country.

Speaking to, the group’s president and founder, Ulemu Tandaude said Golden Hearts Foundation equals the love of Jesus Christ.

Ulemu Tandaude

She said: “giving and loving are the characters of children of God which can’t be separated from the love of God and the group exists to demonstrate the love of Christ.”

“Giving is an action or work which differs from just speaking, if I say I love someone , then those are just words, giving is a character any born again Christian must posses. Therefore, people have to see works and know by works that God loves them and is concerned about every issue in their lives”

“We believe good works have to build others and we can’t separate works with words, this is why we take time to share what we have to others ,in so doing ,we share the character of God (giving) in works”, She said.

Taking with them to Kayombo village are clothes and groceries which the team described as essentials for placing a smile on someone’s life particularly in this festive season.

Responding to how the group has got funds for the outreach program, Tandaude said: “giving doesn’t require one to have much but knowing the purpose of God in your life towards another life.”

Tandaude said “Everyone has enough for himself and somebody,we don’t need donors from elsewhere to do things that we can manage, knowing your purpose in this life is the biggest form of sharing the love of God among us.

The group’s Program Coordinator, Victor Ndawambe Said the outreach program would mark another way of winning more souls to Christ.

He said,”We are looking at sharing what we have with the needy, but also ,this is an opportunity for us to bring a soul to Christ, making people understand and see the love of God in their lives will give us an opportunity to make someone understand how he’s loved by the Creator and for that, transformation will not be a problem for us”.

Victor Ndawambe

Apart from doing Charity works, the group has also an online platform “The Golden Hearts Youth Corner” which addresses the challenges youths face.

The group further asks its fans to follow them on Facebook and WhatsApp links for updates and asks well wishers to help make contributions for the service for the glory of Jesus Christ.