The Making Of A Real Man (Part 2)” Is Here!

 The Making Of A Real Man (Part 2)” Is Here!

By Martin Chrispine Juwa

Fountain of Victory Church International’s Men’s Ministry is yet again set to bring the second part of The Making of a Real Man with Apostle Joseph Ziba on 4th September, 2020. The conference will be held at The Tent of His Meeting (KUDYA) from 05:00pm to 08:30pm (1700-20:30).

Computers and phones, among other gargets, require regular software updating. In this way, they function better. If such things we use, and when do not perform their function excellently anymore are thrown away, are taken care of in such a manner, how much more man; whose life is eternal and exceeds the one lived here on earth?

Men’s Ministry; an arm of Fountain of Victory Church International, founded by Apostle Joseph Ziba, is one of the Christian man’s updating service providers in the country. The ministry is aimed at building men from God’s perspective; making them realise their God-given skills and how to use them for the benefit of their families, community and the nation at large.

Apostle Joseph Ziba

The ministry ensures that men do not have to miss out on any spiritual updating activities. The coordinator of the Men’s Ministry; Pastor Saulos Huwa, remarked that “the teachings and discussions at the Men’s Nights are really helpful to the evolving of a citizenry that walks in purpose and fully realizes that life is about building the right relationship with God and other men.” He continued, “since man was created with a purpose and discovery of such is key to living a better life, Men’s Night Conferences enlighten them on destiny activation, righteousness, and many other topics on things that affect them.”

Pastor Saulos Huwa – Coordinator of the Men’s Ministry

Chairman of the Men’s Ministry; Ezra Chanika said that the first Men’s Night was one of its kind. “The Apostle expounded on how unique men are created and why they are constantly attacked by the devil. Teachings also focused on the devil’s cunning behaviour to destroy destinies and how men can serve the purpose of God and live their lives to the fullest pleasure and satisfaction of God.”

Ezra Chanika-Chairman of the Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Night is an ALL-MEN event. Men, plan to attend in order to update your spirit.

Music ministration will be done by Steve Muliya, Sir Mervin and Andrew Pwele. To add, men’s grooming will be conducted by Mozee.

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