By: Bester Kayaye

In a bid to mitigate the helplessness amongst believers caused by escalating cases of Covid-19 infections, the Raised For Purpose (RFP) Ministries under the senior Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, has introduced a Covid-19 Prayer Line Programme.

Through the programme, Pastor Aubrey personally prays for sick people via phone calls that participants dial from all angles of the country.

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga

According to the information from the Ministry, the programme is conducted every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and Fridays from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

The programme which is in its second edition received a positive response from the first edition as many testified of instant healings upon attending to the arrangement.

The statement states, “It’s raining testimonies from the Covid-19 Prayer-line 1st edition. Many people called in the 1st edition of the Covid-19 prayer-line and so many of them are testifying of what God did as the Man of God prayed for them. They received their healing.”

“In the 1st edition, many people called in and Pastor Aubrey PERSONALLY prayed for each one of the callers, with some testifying of instant healing and disappearance of all signs and symptoms. Glory to God.”

It further explained that for a person to participate in the programme, one is supposed to dial Prayer Lines: 0887 617 186 or 0995 835 508. It is also recommended that people have airtime for at least 5 minutes call. This is because you may have to briefly hold as Pastor finishes praying for a caller on the other line.

“We strongly recommend that the patient is the one calling or together with the caller. (Only if not possible, you can call in for someone far from you).”

Meanwhile, Pastor Aubrey has also released a series of Hope and Healing sermons which can be accessed online for free via


According to him, health sermons are very vital for Christian victory and triumph over the enemy especially during these times.

Since the inception of 2021, the country has been engulfed with fear and heart-brokenness following escalating cases of covid-19 pandemic which continues taking lives of many people.

Malawi has recently seen a surge in corona virus cases and Ministry of Health statistics shows that more than 60 percent of confirmed cases are through local transmission.