By: Bester Kayaye.

The Church of Central Africa Presbytery (C.C.A.P.) Nkhoma Synod says it is committed to ensure safety of its Christians as it pledges to adhere to current covid-19 preventive measures as announced by the President and Ministry of Health.

Nkhoma Synod’s General Secretary Rev. Vasco Kachipapa

On Sunday President Lazarus  Chakwera made an announcemt on some of the updated measures his administration is to enforce in ensuring the current spike of the virus is mitigated.  

Among others President Chakwera highlighted that they are to close schools for the next three weeks except for those at boarding schools and those writing MSCE examinations. 

Chakwera also announced that all drinking spots must be closed by 8:00 pm whilst markets should be shut at 5:00 pm with all merchants and customers putting on facemasks at all times. 

The President also emphasized that all religious gatherings must have no more that 50 people under total compliance with Covid-19 preventive guidelines. 

And communicating to their congregates through a press statement signed by synod’s General Secretary Rev. Vasco Kachipapa Banda, the church emphasized to all Church Leaders and Heads of Department to follow COVID 19 precautionary measures in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The secretary general disclosed that the leadership of the synod convene on 19th January 2021 where a number of guidelines were tabled for the church to abide by inline to government’s recommendations.

Rev. Banda said; “Leadership agreed that all Church Leaders and Heads of Departments should follow the Government gazette rules on COVID 19 without fail. Should leaders of a particular church or department decide not to follow the rules, they will be responsible of their decision.”

“The Church leaders should decide to conduct services of worship in wards, or conduct many services on Sunday (Sanitize the seats between services), or conduct services from Friday through to Sunday. And Church buildings should be disinfected once or twice a week.”

He also added that services of worship should be short and recommend that choirs be suspended and that all church sacraments be suspended

“Depending on the situation, if the church leadership decide to completely close church gatherings as a measure of containing the spread of the virus, inform the Synod office in writing. And as much as we can, let us use our gadgets to communicate and discuss church business so that we avoid contacts.”

Rev. Banda also urged all believers to continue praying citing this is a good time for Christians to pray with faith instead of praying out of fear.