Livingwaters Church To Hold Special Annual Prayer Week

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By Tamandani Mwalabu

Living Waters church International is this month set to hold a special prayer and fasting week. The prayers, which are done annually under the tag “a moment of appearing before God” will take place from the 23rd to 29th November across all the church’s branches in Malawi.

According to the Resident Pastor for Chimwankhunda Living Waters church, Bishop Thomas Mandha, this year’s direction will focus on recovery and thanks giving to God for divine protection.

In an interview, Bishop Mandha said “This year, we have set up this period to appear before God with prayer and fasting so that we can ask God to enable us experience what needs to be recovered by the church. As a church, our theme for the year was to do with a recovery and bearing in mind that much has happened due to the Corona virus pandemic, we want to trust God to experience a recovery of what has been lost during this period. Besides, we will be offering our gratitude to God for protecting us in this year”

He said during this time of the pandemic, people have lost jobs, economies have gone down and some Christians have lost the zeal and the passion for God. “These prayers are therefore a platform to remind the church that we can still experience a recovery”.

Resident Pastor for Chimwankhunda Living Waters church, Bishop Thomas Mandha

In a related development, Bishop Mandha says Living Waters church is all set to hold interesting programs during the Christmas festive season.

“As a church, we believe that Christmas is a special time where Christians should come together and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. During this time, we will have dramma from the youth of the church, performances from the children’s church and from the women’s ministry of the church. We are appealing to all our members to get set for this year’s Christmas celebrations,” he explained.

Living Waters Church International has over 500 branches spread across the world including South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, DRCongo, Botswana, the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland with its headquarters in Malawi.

The Church’s founding leader is Apostle Dr Stanley Ndovie.

Apostle Dr Stanley Ndovie.

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