By: Bester Kayaye and Mercy Maulana

Upon realization on the need to help girls in realizing their fullest potential in various aspects of life, the Dream Centre International Assembly of Nkolokosa is to host girls to all female conference dubbed Distinct Girls Dreamers Ministry. 

The conference is targeting girls between the ages of 10 to 18 years, and is to be hosted at DCIA Nkolokosa branch on Saturday 9th January 2021 under the theme: ‘The spirit of Excellence at work in us.’

According to the DGD Patron Dr Queen Dube, the ministry seeks to nurture girls, turning them into powerful distinct girls and ladies by the help of God. 

DGD Patron Dr Queen Dube

Dr Dube explained; “We believe that girls also carry the purposes of God and if only they can be guided, they can do great exploits even from a young age.”

According to Dube, the church is determined to see a girl child who is able to breakthrough in all areas by the grace of God and they have set programs to assist them breakthrough holistically. 

“We are trusting God that they will breakthrough academically spiritually and physically. We are also praying that the girls will come to a realization of who they are and what they carry.”

Dr Dube said through the event, the girls should expect a power packed program aimed at instilling self confidence amongst girls which she cited is a key indicator of attaining greater heights.

Concurring with Dr Dube, Distinct Girls Dreamers Chairperson Nancy Chamdimba explained that the conference is a quarterly event whereby they bring in various speakers to highlight on various concepts and during the Saturday’s event they are to focus on public speaking.

Chamdimba said; “We thought of engaging a youthful female public speaker as our girls have been lamenting on the need to boost their self confidence and master the art of public speaking. Almost in every career you need this skill as through this art a person can be able to market oneself.”

Nancy Chamdimba: DGD Chairperson

“Our speaker Angela  Masikini is one of the young speakers who are very passionate in empowering young girls hence her presence to mould these girls in public speaking is something valuable worth for girls to attain.”

The chairperson added; “We want to groom a girl who is distinct in all aspects of life so that she can stand-out in all vital areas, and looking at the targeted age groups we are focusing on, this event is vital as it will help them make informed decisions as they grow up.”

And speaking in a separate interview Angella Masikini Phiri who is also an accountant by profession, confirmed her attendance to impart public speaking expertise to the girls citing her passion for empowering young girls as a key motivator to contribute towards the cause.

Masikini emphasized that the conference is important for the targeted group considering that girls between the ages of 10 to 18 usually encounter a number of challenges that seriously needs attention from grown ups to guide them through.

“Between these ages is a critical stage as they are at verge of making important decisions of their lives and considering the emotional changes experienced as they grow up,” She said.

“Therefore girls should expect to live with something valuable at the end of this event and they should come up with an open mind to learn something new.”

The DGD comes four times every year but due to the covid-19, the ministry failed to crown last year’s DGD meeting in December.

The free event has Red and white on top and blue on bottom as a dress code.

Angella Masikini Phiri
This Saturday