By: Bester Kayaye

The Blantyre City Presbytery of Church of Central African Presbytery (C.C.A.P) has inducted new office bearers for youth ministry to serve for the next three years.

The induction ceremony was held on sidelines of Jesus March celebrations the youths conducted from Limbe C.C.A.P via the High way to St. Columba C.C.A.P. where whole proceedings were carried out. The event took place on Saturday 12th December 2020.

The nine member Youth Executive Committee induction ceremony comes following the elections carried out on 22 November upon the expiry period of the previous committee.

Speaking after the ceremony Director of Youths in the C.C.A.P. Blantyre Synod Reverend Chikondi Wyson Banda explained that the new committee has come at a very crucial time when young people are facing numerous challenges physically and spiritually hence carrying a pivotal role to play in rectifying some of them.
Reverend Chikondi Wyson Banda 

Rev. Banda said; “It is very important to have a steering committee for the youths as we know that the former committee finished their term this year, and as we were celebrating the life of Jesus Christ through the March it was a great privilege to give a mandate to the new committee to start their operations as soon as possible considering the current challenges many youths are facing requiring divine guidance”

“Therefore am encouraging them to trust in the Lord as it is God who has chosen them to serve Him, they should also follow the policy of Blantyre synod on youth affairs, and they should also have a vision on how they want to uplift spiritual welfare of their colleagues in the years they shall be in these offices”

Commenting on the significance of the Jesus March Celebration towards Christian faith, Rev Banda emphasized on the need for believers to continuously proclaim their salvation through Jesus and unceasingly taking the gospel to masses.

“it has been a great function today as youths in the Blantyre synod were celebrating Jesus life and were in the streets proclaiming the gospel, this is very important to youths and all Christians at large as we are called Christians because of Christ who lay down his life for us to be saved, there it is vital to proclaim his name and our salvation.” –He said.  

And the chairperson of the incumbent committee, Tipson Mchenga described the whole event as crucial having brought together all young people from different churches under Blantyre city presbytery where they were taught on importance of committing themselves towards the service of Jesus Christ

Tipson Mchenga, New Youth Chairperson

“We are closing our programmes for the year 2020 and am glad to say we are clocking out at a very good note considering the event has been fantastic with all the programmes that we anticipated to carry out has been fulfilled including preaching to people we met along the way to surrender their lives to Jesus.”

Being inducted as a new youth chairperson Mchenga also pledge to bring in more innovations towards the ministry in order to rectify new challenges that young people are encountering in all dynamics of life being, spiritual, academically and other physical instruments.

“It is a great moment to me and at the same time it is something I consider to be big as there are many things that need to be tackled, for the fact that we are in dangerous times whereby outside world is also eyeing on the very same youths hence we should come up with new ideas on how we can make these young people stay in church instead of wondering around with ungodly manners.” –He said

At the event youths were also mesmerized by gospel music from Shammah Vocals and praise and worship led by Joint Praise Team