Urban Music Clad With The Word of God

 Urban Music Clad With The Word of God

By Martin Chrispine Juwa

Seven freshest pieces hit the airwaves

It is evident that music is a powerful ministry in its own right!

However, some youths do not take it so, and therefore, they stumble over the truth in urban gospel music that they listen to, but push it aside and keep on going in their path of error.

Aside from the many other genres of music we love, we get to feed on the Word of God through ‘bars’ that tell of the joys and sorrows, the trials and triumphs, hope and faith, etc, in a language typical to our age groups.

After all that Shammah Vocals has passed through, the only reasonable conclusion he can make is to say Ebenezer (the Lord has brought me this far).

Even M True and Xander Voice can’t keep their calm until pulpit yawo is used to bring glory to God, who is Bwenzi la Soma. What would J Crazy and Idren say apart from ndi Chisomo to use art for God’s glory? Wait, this same Jesus who resurrected from the dead is the one Keith Timotheus, IPzenco, Kissinger and Broben Amtayira Kamtengotu, for the marvelous things he does in their lives. Meanwhile, Jomaa and Blessme are not satisfied; they want more of Jesus, and J’Alter and Exposure agree with an Amen.

Listen to these powerful urban gospel vibes lineup on EI Radio Experience Saturday on MIJ FM from 9PM and Sunday on YFM from 9am.

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