Zenzo Matoga Reintroduce Himself as the Worship Artist

 Zenzo Matoga Reintroduce Himself as the Worship Artist

After a long silence on the local music scene, USA-based Pastor Zenzo Matoga has reintroduced himself, branding himself as “The Worship Artist”.

In an exclusive interview, Pastor Matoga explained, “I have not sent music back home in a long time, hence the reintroduction of Pastor Zenzo Matoga, the worship artist.”

As a worship artist, Pastor Matoga said his music is aimed at seeking the presence and glory of Jesus.

“My aim and plan is simple. I want to continue to worship, continue to chase after the presence of Jesus, rallying people to come and seek God’s presence.

“There’s nothing greater than the presence of Jesus. Lives are healed, bodies are healed and anxieties are broken. I want to see a generation that loves Jesus more than anything else in this world. I want to help people see the presence and manifestation of God,” Pastor Matoga explained.

He further revealed plans of touring and hosting worship rallies in Malawi.

“After the pandemic, my goal is also to come to Malawi and rally thousands upon thousands of people. After the pandemic, what else is there to live for other than God? We just want to raise a generation that is chasing after the presence and glory of God,” he disclosed.

Pastor Matoga has recently collaborated with Impact Music on a new worship song titled “No More Idols”.

“I wrote this song in 2018. In our church, we were hosting what we call Hunger Nights.

“The greatest commandment says love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. But sometimes we tend to love other things above God. Some people love bad things like drugs and other stuff.

“Sometimes we also fall in love with good things that tend to take God’s place in our hearts. Our employment, our careers were never designed to keep us away from church. I wrote “No More Idols” as a declaration that we have no idols but Jesus,” he added.

Pastor Zenzo Matoga’s musical journey started at the age of 8 whilst attending piano lessons by Pastor Moffat Mteya.

He then started playing at his father Pastor Geoffrey Matoga’s Faith Of God Church.

Pastor Zenzo Matoga has played with Malawi’s great musicians namely Adams Family, Divine Providence, late Chuma Soko, Collen Ali, Peter Likhomo, Rudo Chakwera and Isaac Mkukupha.

He also played with US musician’s Bonke’s band at Chichiri open grounds before moving to Massachusetts in USA where he joined TW Band.

Whilst in USA, he collaborated and produced for musician Tionge Mhango of the legendary Mhango Salvation Singers.