Yobezani’s‘Madradra’ Now Out

 Yobezani’s‘Madradra’ Now Out

By Tamandani Zimbiri

‘Madradra’ is Yobezani’s third song to be released this year after ‘The Good Feeling and Just Do It’.  Madradra has already started to trend in the local media such as Ei radio.  The song was produced by Ace-Tee and Madela.

Yobezani whose real name is Yobe Phiri, says his passion for gospel music came in after he became born again. In an interview with zambuye.com, the artist highlighted that all he wants is for listeners to get to know their identity and position in Christ. But most importantly he wants people to understand his nature.

“After listening one should be able to understand the supremacy and importance of Jesus Christ in their lives,” He stressed.

The Lilongwe based artist said he chose ‘Madradra’ which simply describes how great an individual is to be the title of the song for uniqueness.

“I could have used words such as ‘Ntchana, Biggy’ or many other common Chichewa slangs. But I chose this to make the song unique. The title helped greatly as it makes people long to hear what the song is all about,” he said.

The artist pointed out that he is not shooting the video of the song anytime soon as his current focus this year is on releasing more audios.

Yobezani who started recording music in 2015 said he is motivated by his cousin L-Static and he always looks up to him. “I admire his lyricism, style and consistency. He has always pushed me to go harder in my career.” He also did not hesitate to explain how urban music influenced him in identifying his musical capability. “A culture influenced by Urban Music inevitably shaped me become the artist that I am today”

Download the song here:

Yobezani – Madradra (Prod Ace-Tee x Madela)
Yobezani – Madradra (Prod Ace-Tee x Madela)
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