Sir Creedy teams up with Ugandan dancehall stars in ONE LOVE

 Sir Creedy teams up with Ugandan dancehall stars in ONE LOVE

Sir Creedy

By Martin Chrispine juwa

The name Sir Creedy is not new to avid fans of the reggae-dancehall genre of music. Not only is he an icon in the Gospel dancehall realm, but also generally, a star in the game. His music is widely played in radio stations here at home and outside the country. Signed under KBG’s Nyali Muzik, and a member of Zion Music, a Malawian Gospel reggae-dancehall group; that’s making remarkable contribution in the genre, Sir Creedy has already made remarkable impact in the Malawian gospel music industry. His music is uniquely founded on a creative blend of Patois (Jamaican English) and Chichewa.

Sir Creedy

Lately, Sir Creedy has made a number of international acts including jumping in Wadiwa Musiq’s song Ignite, which featured artistes from Zambia, Jamaica, Zimbambe and Ghana. Sir Creedy flew the Malawian flag! His songs have also been featured in riddims from Kenya and Uganda. One of his most played and loved song is Clean Like Tonga, which he collaborated with Sobre (Zambia).

Fortune Spice


Phila, renowned Ugandan Gospel Dancehall artiste has joined forces with two other Ugandan greats; JK Shine and Fortune Spice, in a song called One Love. Sir Creedy flies the Malawian flag in this song. The three share their feelings on the condition of racism, hatred and discrimination in the world. One Love was produced by Moz B; a Ugandan producer. Listening to the song gets one proud of how Sir Creedy does his work nobly; as usual, playing with words like a juggler of swords and at the same time delivering the message of hope to the world


When interviewed by, Sir Creedy said that “the song talks about how God’s love and brotherly love can heal the world, considering the present struggles the world is facing.” Thus, the song is a lamentation on the current situation where racism between white and black people has grown in the 21st Century, even after what seemed to be a century of peaceful coexistence. In the United States of America, for example, the Black Lives Matter protests carry the news almost every day after a black man was killed by a white police officer early this year. This action has plunged people from other parts of the world into protests too.

JK Shine

The lyrics in Sir Creedy’s verse provide a fundamental statement about the storm of racial and ethnic hatred most countries in the world sail in. He also reminds humanity that Jesus is the savior and brother for all, regardless of descent and tongue. The words in his verse read:


Black people against white people/White people against black people/

But we are one/ it nuh matter skin color/Weda you a use a kwacha or a dollar/

Weda you’re from the U.S or Angola/Weda illiterate or a scholar/

We’re one family, one people/Di blood ah Jesus unite we all/

So tell black people fi stop bawl/Wi ah prophesy peace inna di whole wurl/

Yoh, Philamekwi throw dung di hatred/ peace be stilla/Yesundim’modziyemweanatifera/


Sir Creedy has in mid-August, 2020, released an Extended Play (EP) titled THIS GOSPEL. It is on sale at only MK2000, R50 or $10. You can request it on (+265) 991 487 996 and you will have  your purchase.

Download the song on the following link:

Download Phila-One Love Featuring Sir creedy,JK shine & Fortune Spice




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