Introducing songbird Rhoda Hannah aka Ghetto Worshiper

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By Harold Kapindu

Ghetto worshiper is an up and coming gospel singer whose real name is Rhoda Hannah Jedegwa.

According to Rhoda Hannah, Ghetto Worshiper is a name and an expression, a form of communication that expresses a personal relationship with God.

Rhoda Hannah, the Ghetto Worshiper makes her entry into the Music scene

The stage name also expresses that there’s no discrimination in how people relate to God and how one wants to worship Him.

Rhoda Hannah has released a new song titled “Mulinane Cholinga”. This is her first song she has ever recorded which was produced by BMG production in South Africa.

“From hereon there are no limits, I believe we should not limit ourselves and I am ready to break the boundaries,” she explained.

Commenting on the song, Rhoda Hannah says, “One night, I got a revelation in my sleep as to why I have been preserved, I literally woke up in the middle of the night and started listening to the holy spirit and I wrote down the song.

“The message is clear, we are alive to fulfill a purpose. We all have a purpose to fulfill in life, find your purpose and serve,” she explained.

On further plans, She remarked, “I am definitely considering an album.”

Download Mulinane Cholinga here

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