Emijem’s ‘Army And The Chariots’ Mixtape In The Offing

 Emijem’s ‘Army And The Chariots’ Mixtape In The Offing

By Our Reporter

One of the country’s upcoming gospel rappers, Emijem, is this month set to release his mouth-watering mixtape, ‘Army and the Chariots’.

In an interview with Zambuye.com Emijem, who was born James George Aipa, said the ‘Army and the Chariots’ mixtape is a biblical concept from the book of Exodus, chapter 14 and it is all about the goodness of God when it comes to sorting out challenges.

The multi-talented rapper says through the masterpiece he would want people to have their lives surrendered to God so as to never get affected by whatever situation claiming Israelites were persistently gotten back to Pharaoh because of their soured relationship with God.

“Sometimes, you start feeling like you are progressing and unfortunately the Army and the Chariots always gets us back to Pharaoh only because our relationship with God is not good. ‘Army and the Chariots’ is a compilation to remind us that when God is with us, Pharaoh will never get us back,” Explained Emijem.

The 25 year old Emijem whose debut songs hit the local radios in 2009, is so hopeful that once the mixtape is out, it will not only be loved by many, but also, relieve hearts which were broken due whatever burden of this world.

“This mixtape will be out this 10th October and am so hopeful that it will hit the airwaves and apart from that, I do believe that it will remind everyone that God will always fight for us, but the relationship with Him has to be good,” he added.

The ‘Life in his kingdom’ star has been one of the vibrant members of the urban church group called ‘The Young Prospects’ under the Anglican Church of Holy Innocents and in 2018 with other friends, he formed a group, ‘Alliance for Christianity’.

Meanwhile, the group which was aimed at preaching the word of God through hip hop tunes, has earlier been rebranded to ‘Emijetors’.

Emijem: The Mixtape is ready