By Bester Kayaye

One of the legendary gospel rappers David Kalirani says he is set to bless his music lovers with a second lost tapes project themed “The Fire Season” this month.

Inspired by American rapper Nas, Kalirani attributes that the project was derived to give out his songs that was not incorporated in any of his albums to his music lovers.

The gospel rapper explained; “Lost Tapes is a project that I put out years ago because I needed an outlet for all my songs that never made it into my albums.”

“Instead of mix-tapes I felt Lost Tapes was better. Songs that would have been lost but they made it to the public. Nas inspired me when he released his Lost Tapes.”

Kalirani further explained that in the Lost tapes: Fire Season he is sounding an alarm to music ministry to wake up and serve the Lord through the given talent.

He said; “The Lost Tapes volume 1 contained random songs that I put together without a theme or specific message. Fire Season is different. It carries a specific theme. Inspired by Psalm 69 verse 9 zeal for the Lord’s house will consume. Another synonym for Zeal is Fire”

“When God’s house was turned into a market place Jesus expressed His zeal by overturning tables and using a whip to drive out the animals and restore order to His Father’s house. The music ministry has turned into a den of thieves and the focus is no longer Jesus. I am using music as my whip to express my zeal/fire for God’s people and desiring to restore order/purpose to music ministry.” –Kalirani attributed

The artist also disclosed that the project is to be made available for purchases from 26th December 2020 as currently fans have been given an opportunity to pre-order.

“People can start making payment from the 14th of December and pre ordering closes on the 21st of December. Those who make payment within that time period will receive the album on the 24th of December before the release date. The pre order package comes with 3 bonus tracks.”

He added; “Those who buy the album after the pre-order dates will only be able to purchase the album from the 26th of December onwards without the bonus songs. The details on how to pre-order will be available before Monday the 14th.”

Commenting on the progression of the year 2020, Kalirani cited; “This year was a defining one. Like fire it separated and also purified the motives of many of us. 2020 brought our impurities to the surface and forced us to face our demons and deal with them. It also caused us to be innovative.”

And he also vowed for more projects in the year 2021 attributing that “the flood gates have opened now and my musical river will flow within it’s banks at a high speed and with strength like never before.”

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