Covid 19 delays Lawi’s “thirties” album release

 Covid 19 delays Lawi’s “thirties” album release


For 3 years, unquestionably Malawi’s music icon, Lawi has been working on his “Thirties” album which was scheduled to be released this year.

Though delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic which has put the world in slow motion, Lawi is optimistic of releasing the album in early 2021.

His new single, “Gitala” is currently enjoying massive airplay on all radio stations.


Commenting on his three-year journey of cooking the new bomb, Lawi said, “The presence of a few African countries in the album is another great experience for people to look forward to.”

He continued, “Just as usual, there’s excitement when I share new music with the world. Some who keenly follow me get a head lead and some catch on but either ways the purpose of the music is to impact the world.”

Born Francis Chris Phiri, Lawi is a long time maestro musician who has, for decades produced hit songs such as Whistling Song, Lilongwe, Munditule, Mundiwuze Nthano, Amawona Kuchedwa, Akondakitale, Gitala, and many others.

Lawi has contributed greatly to the Malawian music industry and has put the country on the map.

His prowess in guitar and lyrical wisdom surpasses many.

Lawi is an icon in the music arena, and a lion when it comes to creativity.

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