[Profiles] YBG

 [Profiles] YBG


YBG is second born in a family of 7. He was born on 12thJuly, 1993, at Mtengo wa mthenga hospital in Dowa district. YBG got born again in 2012 at Area 25 Sector 7 Assembles of God. In 2017, he joined RFP. Gideon has loved music ever since he was young, and he has grown to record over 20 songs. However, his first studio sessions were messy because he was afraid to let himself free and drop bars. He loves music because it calms his spirit, at the same time the messages in it teaches him and others different issues.

YBG has performed in over 17 gospel shows. In 2017, he was awarded artist of the year at his church in Area 25. He loves to listen to gospel music whenever he is not engaged with other activities. He remembers his first interview with DJ Omandevu of Galaxy FM,in 2018, to be a very interesting experience; scary, but has produced great results in the long run. YBG plans to do big in the music industry. He is passionate about bringing change in fellow youths through music.



Facebook:Isybg Nkhoma.

Facebook page: YBG MUZIC

Twitter:@YBG MW

Instagram:@YBG MW

Email: [email protected]

YouTube:YBG MW

Snapchat:YBG artiste


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