Malawi Seventh Day Adventist Church Elects New President

 Malawi Seventh Day Adventist Church Elects New President

Alick Nzangaya

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Malawi has elected Pastor Tony Yolamu Nyirenda as its new president for the coming five years.

Pastor Yolam Nyirenda has been elected on Monday November 15, 2021 during the church’s three-day elective Union Session that started on Sunday 14th November at Linde Motel in Dowa district.

He has been elected following the expiring of his predecessor Pastor Frackson Kuyama’s five-year term.

Speaking at the conference after being elected, Pastor Nyirenda who is also known as Pastor T.Y said Adventists in the country should expect him to proceed the good work which has been portrayed by his predecessor, Pastor Kuyama.

He has however asked for unity in the church claiming if there might be divisions in the church, it will be so difficult to spread the gospel of the Lord.

“It is a great honor to have attained this position and am so hopeful that God will help me to continue from where my predecessor has finished from, so I will also need your support and let’s be united and continue praying for our church,” said Nyirenda in his acceptance speech.

Pastor Nyirenda is one of the Seventh Day Adventist Church well known Pastors who has been organizing several crusades countrywide.