By: Bester Kayaye. 

The celebrated local afro- gospel singer, Shammah Vocals, says he is set to release a new music video titled “Moyo” on 6th December 2020.

The youthful singer disclosed that he is releasing the video as part of celebrating his birthday with his fans who he claims to be the foundation stone of his musical journey.

Vocals stipulated that in the song he intends to warn fellow youths on dangers and impact of sexual immorality, unscrupulous behaviors among others towards physical and spiritual life.

He said; “The Moyo song is more of a rebuking song, where the emphasis is on telling someone that you can’t buy life and life itself is on in the money that everyone is so thirsty to earn. Especially to those that recklessly change sexual partners.”

“I thought of this concept because what I’ve come to notice is common among the youths. Music is the only tool I have which I can use to easily communicate with my fellow youth.”

Zeroing in on sexual immorality, Vocals expressed disillusionment over the act, saying it has exacerbated intense rising of rape cases and gender-based violence, hence needing collaborative efforts in ending the vice.

“This is a horrible, evil and barbaric act of the devil. The only solution we have at hand is the word of God. We can sing songs of rebuking the act but can’t stop. What the nation needs to know is that this is the devil’s work and the only way we can fight it is if we rely on God and spread the gospel to save souls – a saved soul can’t rape or abuse someone,” he emphasised.

Commenting on future projections of his music career, Shammah said he is optimistic to attain more heights in the industry come 2021, reflecting that, “2020 has been a very disappointing year to the entertainment world and as an artist I have been affected directly in so many ways. But I thank God I’m still going.”

He said, “I hope 2021 is a good year and I have a lot to achieve especially releasing an album which will see international artists in it. I owe Blantyre people a huge concert which I have to fulfill and not only Blantyre. So help me God.”

Vocals came to prominence in Malawi’s gospel music scene with his song “Yesu Amakhukala” and he has so far 2 albums to his name, ‘No Reverse’ which he released in 2016, and ‘Asamala Yehovah’ released in 2019, and he has projected of pending album come 2021.