‘No Reverse’ Shammah Vocalz Accelerates To EP

 ‘No Reverse’ Shammah Vocalz Accelerates To EP

The stone set by Samuel inspired Shammah Vocals

By Marcfarlane Mbewe

Singer, Shammah Vocalz, is engaging no reverse gear as he is moving forward to his next project this December which is an EP titled ‘I am’ following the release of the video to ‘Ebenezer.’

The ‘No Reverse’ hit-maker has exclusively told zambuye.com that aside accelerating to the EP he has placed his focus on organising live concerts after authorities relaxed Covid-19 restrictions on large social gatherings. Considering the continued stinging effects of the pandemic on the Christian music industry, the opening up of the economy could not have come at the right time for the Blantyre-based musician as ‘Ebenezer’ is a prayer to God asking for His divine providence in troubling situations.

Said Shammah Vocalz, “Just like God did with Jabez, Isaac, Moses and Meshach. In the book of Samuel the prophet took a stone and set it between Mizpeh and Shen. He called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, “Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.”

The stone set by Samuel inspired Shammah Vocalz

A particularly positive Shammah Vocalz stated that Covid-19 has not entirely failed him though he conceded that the global catastrophe has led to the cancellation of most of his plans.

The baby-faced spiritual assassin, who rose to fame in 2016, went to mention that it is this upbeat attitude that carried him to the shooting of ‘Ebenezer’.

“It was exciting because we had prepared beforehand and everything was in place. I also I liked the setup. Thus I was excited and in high spirits,” he said.

A week after its release on YouTube, ‘Ebenezer’ nearly has 300 views. It is by far trailing behind the three months’ old ‘Bless My Hustle’ which is nearing 800,000 views. Both videos were produced by the award-winning, VJ Ken.
Download Shammah Vocalz – Ebenezer here

Shammah Vocalz, who traces back his entrance into music to 2013, has two albums to his credit, ‘No Reverse’ which won him his first UMP Award and the latest ‘Asamala Yehovah’.

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