Dube Bounces Back!

 Dube Bounces Back!

By Martin Chrispine Juwa

One of the legendary voices in the Malawian gospel music scene, Nyaradzai Chitheka Dube, has assured us of a come-back worship album after taking some time off music. Having set her mind on business for a while, Dube wishes to give an offering to fans before her 40th birthday, which is on the 24th of November. The Wamayankho star, which was released in 2017, added that the worship songs album is on the way. However, she plans to release a single before the project is handed into the hands of all music lovers.

Nyaradzai Chitheka Dube

Dube is a 7th born in a family of 8, and she is married with 3 children. Dube was a singer for a long time in the Chitheka Family Band until 2010 when she left to focus on solo projects and other personal businesses. When she performs with Chitheka Family today, she is honoured as a guest artist. She is not just a musician, but also a pastor, an entrepreneur, and a farmer. She has performed in Zimbabwe, an international performance she is very much proud of in her music journey.

“I was young and nervous, but I did my best. After all, this was my first international performance. I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself and my fans, and the Malawian flag,”

Last seen in the 2017 project; Wamayankho, Dube is working on a worship album which she will launch together with Wamayankho. When asked why the two will be launched together, Dube explained, “I did not promote Wamayankho album that much because I had changed my focus to business. This made the album not to hit the airwaves to its level best. As such, it deserves a second chance because it is a very good one, and more people need to have a listen to this album. ”

Dube prides herself in 2 sole albums; Mboni Yeniyeni, which she launched in the Republic of South Africa, where she has stayed for some time, and Wamayankho. She has had good tidings in the music industry of Malawi, and her bouncing back means something to those who love good worship music.


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