Zaithwa, Suffix in Kazako’s top 20 songs!

 Zaithwa, Suffix in Kazako’s top 20 songs!

By Mercy Maulana

The Minister of Information who’s also the government’s spokesperson, Gospel Kazako, yesterday released the “Gospel Kazako Top songs of the year 2020” for the first time. The list contains however songs that were released in recent years as well.

The Minister’s top 20 songs has seen a mixed bag of Veterans together with up and coming artists from both local and International scene comprising of Gospel and secular.

One of the artists on the list, Love song’s maker, Zaithwa said finding her name on the list came as a surprise but also as an excitement news in her music career.


“I was surprised to find my name on the list, it’s an honor for my career, am happy and grateful to be on the Minister’s top 20 songs of the year”.

Zaithwa’s love song was released in September 2019 but the song’s video came out January this year.

In a mission to inspire, encourage, motivate and bring life to others through her music, Zaithwa described 2020 as a mixed bag.

She said: “I’ve seen growth in my creativity in 2020 and besides that, I’ve done a lot of projects some of which is the Love song’s video”.

“Postponing the concert I planned for this year due to the covid-19, has been a setback, but all in all, I have faith that 2021 will be awesome as far as my career is concerned”.

The award winning Christian Rapper, Suffix , whose Cholinga track also appeared on the list, said the news has inspired him to do more.

He said: “I’ve been encouraged, I knew Mr Kazako loves the song but didn’t know it is in his top 20, I am honored.”


Cholinga was released in 2017 from his first album,”Before I sleep”.

Describing his 2020 and the coming year Suffix said: “2020 has been a crazy year, my learning season, a back to basics season for my career.”

“Though this year hasn’t been that good, I have a feeling that 2021 will be my best year”.