UNICAF Appoints Faith Mussa as Ambassador

 UNICAF Appoints Faith Mussa as Ambassador

By Tamandani Zimbiri

Faith Mussa, a Malawian gospel singer, has been named brand ambassador for UNICAF University, effective Monday, May 10th. The deal is for one and a half years. Mussa signed the contract while pursuing his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the university.

In an interview with zambuye.com on Tuesday, the singer expressed his excitement at being offered the deal, which came with favourable terms.
“I’ll get a scholarship and also be an advocate for the college,” he explained.
This comes as he is still celebrating the tremendous support and followership he has received since releasing his debut single for the year 2022, ‘Paine Ndekha,’ on May 1st.

“I’m pretty pleased with the response thus far.” “I was impressed with the responses because it was my first single in a long time,” he said.
He also stated that he intends to shoot a music video for the song. He didn’t fail to note that he’ll be releasing a new song every month as releases of the album that’s yet to be named.

He followed by admitting that balancing his profession, education, and employment will be challenging for him. He is confident that he will manage everything with the help of his well-organized management team.