By: Bester Kayaye.

In bid to extend festive season’s love and care, one of Malawi’s finest gospel hip-hop rapper Robertson Music on Thursday 24th December 2020 paid a visit to Yohane Banda Foundation in Limbe –Blantyre.

Among other things the artist donated groceries to the foundation as well as strengthened the children being raised under the foundation on basic principles of life including, Education, Health and Christian faith.

According to Robertson Music it is of integral importance for Christians to be vessels of God’s love especially during this festive season by reaching out to less privileged individuals in their localities.

Robertson said; “The objective of this initiative is to share love and motivation to these kids who were previously wandering about in our streets but they are now being taken care of by Yohane Banda, so I thought it important that I spend some time with them, hear their stories and share little gifts I stocked for them for Christmas.”

“This kind of initiative is very important for all Christians to put to practice because it is through these works that we reflect the true definition of God’s love and it is kind of special ministry whereby many souls may be saved having seen marvelous God’s glory in us from our charity interventions.”

The artist also disclosed plans to take the initiative further saying he is looking forward to reach out to more less-privileged individuals in various areas not only during festive seasons.

“I also have acknowledge individuals who helped me to purchase some of the items I donated here, as it took other peoples interventions to send in their donations so that I can share them with our friends her.” –He said. 

During his visit, Robertson was accompanied by fellow artists under Home and City Entertainment who also helped in motivating the kids to keep on pursuing their academic life.

Rhuhinah Karim is an upcoming artist pursuing various genres in music circles and she explained that it artists have a very crucial role to play in alleviating poverty and empowering marginalized people in the community citing that art itself is a lethal weapon for change.

Karim said ; “This occasion is really important as we get a chance to utilize our talent to teach these kids on the power of education, safe guarding their Christian faith, as well as healthy related topics which is very motivating if as artists we collaborate in doing these works more often.”

In his remarks after receiving the donation Yohane Banda who is also the founder of the foundation commended the artist for kind gesture expressed saying as a non-profit making institution they encounter myriad challenges requiring collaborative efforts to curb with.

“What Robertson has done today is one of the unique things we have been experiencing since our establishment, basically we rely on donations for the day to day operations of this facility and today the artist did not just bring gifts but he came with God’s hope and uplifting message which he shared with the kids, this is really commendable.” –He commended.

Established in 2015 with a sole purpose of sustaining hardworking underprivileged students, Yohane Banda foundation has now embarked on a project to take care of street children in Blantyre, and it has so far seven children under its care.

Banda said; “We started with sponsorship programme whereby we have been paying school fees to underprivileged hardworking students, but having realised the rising numbers of children in our streets we partially switched our attention to start accommodating these children to remove them off streets.”