RFP Ministries Launches Initiative to Donate MWK 10 Million to Cyclone Freddy Victims in Malawi

 RFP Ministries Launches Initiative to Donate MWK 10 Million to Cyclone Freddy Victims in Malawi

Pastor Aubrey, Second from left, accompanied by Red Cross official and community representatives, delivers maize to Cyclone Freddy victims at local camp

Raised For a Purpose (RFP) Ministries is making a difference in the lives of those affected by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi. On Monday, 16th March 2023, the pastor and his team visited the Kapeni demonstration school, which is currently home to over 4,000 victims of the cyclone.

The visit was part of RFP Ministries’ initiative to donate “at least 1 million kwacha a week for 10 weeks” to assist those affected by the disaster. During the visit, The Ministry’s Founder and President, Pastor Aubrey shared a message of hope with the victims, inviting them to give their lives to the Lord. He then presented donations worth 1.2 million kwacha, including maize flour, soya pieces, clothes, and shoes.

According to the statement from the Church, The initiative has been a success, thanks to the generous donations of individuals both within and outside Malawi. RFP Ministries will continue the initiative and plans to make another donation of at least 1 million kwacha next week. The church has set up giving platforms for donations, making it easy for people to contribute towards the cause.

Cyclone Freddy has caused massive destruction in Malawi, with over 500,000 people displaced and several hundred deaths reported. The Malawi Defense Force, Malawi Police Service, and search and rescue teams from the UK are working tirelessly to provide relief and medical assistance to those in need. The national interagency assessment team is also supporting affected councils with assessments to establish the total number of affected people and their immediate needs.

Despite the challenges, there is hope for those affected by the cyclone, thanks to the support of organizations like RFP Ministries. With continued efforts from individuals and organizations alike, the people of Malawi will rebuild and recover from this devastating disaster.

Pastor Aubrey (Center), with some of the Church Members at the Camp site