“….in this book, I share the HOW of attaining this 360 degree success life…” – Pastor Aubrey

 “….in this book, I share the HOW of attaining this 360 degree success life…” – Pastor Aubrey

By Staff Writer

An accomplished author, Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, has published a latest book titled “Personal Investment for 360 Success” which he says prepares and positions individuals for repeatable, sustainable, ever-increasing and legendary 360 success in any endeavor.

Book Cover: Personal Investment for 360 Success

According to a statement from his PR team, the book is a product of close to three years intensive research, reading, consultations, reflections, among many commitments.
With over seven books published under his name and one he co-authored with his wife, Pastor Aubrey, in this new book, shares practical wisdom that he has gained over the years in all these domains (spiritual, intellectual and physical).

Mwasinga said, “I have not only taught on these principles for years, but have seen them produce results for me and many others, which is why I am now sharing on how they can be replicated, repeated and sustained for an all-round success.”

“I believe that if leaders of this country, organizations, communities, families and students get to read the book, it will contribute to mindset change and positively add to the existing efforts of transforming our beloved country of Malawi economically and socially,” he said.

He said that man is meant to experience an all-round success, not piecemeal success, yet the sad reality is that many have settled for what seems to have worked at a particular moment, subtly disregarding the other domains of life that also need to enjoy full-time success. For this to happen, there are set principles that must be acknowledged and applied, and investments that must be made consistently and diligently. So in this book, he is sharing the “HOW” of attaining this 360 degree success life and also how it can be repeated and sustained.

The statement say the book will be launched on Friday, 8th April at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre and Friday, 29th April at Presidential Hotel (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Some of the notable books by Mwasinga include: bestseller Combining Spiritual & Academic Excellence (CSAE) Volume 1 (2009), Volume 2 (2015) and Volume 3 (2015).

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga is a Snr Pastor with Raised For a Purpose Ministries (RFP). He is also a public speaker. He holds an MBA with a distinction from University of Derby, he is an ACCA Chartered Account and a successful entrepreneur.

Mwasinga holding a copy of Personal Investment for 360 Success book at one of the pre-launch lecturers that he held recently