Great Angels Features Ndirande Anglican Voices in ‘Ndagonja’

 Great Angels Features Ndirande Anglican Voices in ‘Ndagonja’

By Tamandani Zimbiri

For the first time in history, two of Malawi’s iconic choirs, the Great Angels and the Ndirande Anglican Voices have collaborated in a song titled ‘Ndagonja’.

Ndangonja which is one of the songs in the ‘Ufumu Umodzi Suukilana’ album by Great Angels will be out by next week. The song will be released in an audio-visual format.

Speaking in an interview with zambuye, the Great Angels Choir Director, William Zonda, said they came up with the whole idea of a collaborative project bearing in mind that they are serving the same God and because of the unity that is there between them.

He said: “This collaboration is a display of oneness and a celebration of unity in the body of Christ in as far as music ministry is concerned. We are also responding to the requested from our fans, they have been wanting this collabo.”

Zonda thanked God for making things happen and successfully, and continued highlighting the message that the song is carrying.

“It is just a reminder to the people that we are in our last days in accordance to what the bible says.  Basically, a call to repentance because time is passing and we getting closer to the end of times,” he explained.

The Choir Director said the song is worth the wait, it is a masterpiece that will satisfy the fans once it is out.

“Many people have liked the project and have supported it thoroughly. I believe that they will be happy with the outcome. Be assured to enjoy the song once it’s out.  We will have to agree on coming up with more songs together in the near future.”

On the other side Ndirande Anglican Voices leader, Dennis Kilimbe shared the experience they have had working together with Great Angels Choir. “It wasn’t simple for both teams to come up with a single tone as we both have different tones but we managed to work it out. All in all, it has been so fantastic working with the choir,” he elaborated.

He proceeded with an assurance explaining to their fans that they should be expecting a lot,  “We are very sure another song will come out before the end of this year.  That will be Ndirande Anglican featuring Great Angels.”

Kilimbe, gave an overview that people should be expecting more collaborations from Ndirande Anglican Voices with other artists pointing out that Suffix has already collaborated with them.