By: Bester Kayaye

Malawi’s gospel music rare gem, Faith Mussa is set to headline an online fundraising concert by the Young and Empowered Malawi to be hosted on 4 December 2020.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Young and Empowered Malawi, Dorothy Kamoto, confirmed this in an exclusive interview saying the nonprofit organisation has engaged Mussa in an event, whereby they intend to raise funds for their upcoming primary school literacy program.

Kamoto said, “This is a nonprofit organization that is yet to be launched in Malawi, specifically in Lunzu, Blantyre. Our mission is to provide high quality supplementary academic support, leadership training, mentorship, and economic opportunities to children and youth living in vulnerable communities.”

Executive Director and
Dorothy Kamoto: Co-founder of Young and Empowered Malawi

She explained that they opted for the multi-talented artist having appreciated the strides the icon has been exerting in uplifting youths through various projects.

“We chose Faith Mussa to work with us on this fundraiser first of all because he is a very talented musician. His unique combination of traditional Malawian and modern sounds is something we believe that our audience which is mostly American will enjoy.”

Kamoto added, “We also appreciate the effort that he makes as an artist to uplift the lives of children and other young people through the different initiatives that he does, including his work as the Ambassador for World Vision and End Child Marriage Campaign.”

Basically, the organisation offers dynamic range of programs targeting youth and children including, After-school program, youth empowerment program, Literacy program, and girls empowerment.

Through the fundraiser the NGO intends to raise money to support literacy program designed to help primary school-going children with their written and oral language skills.

According to Kamoto, literacy is a vital tool for the development of society. However, statistics show that the illiteracy rate in Malawi is still high especially in rural areas.

“The goal for this fundraiser is to raise $5,000 which will be used to pay for all the expenses needed to run this program for a year,” she said.

Apart from raising the funds through the event, they are also expecting to create awareness about their programs and organization as a whole. She cited they believe this awareness would be very instrumental in building a working network and paving a way for more partnership opportunities between their organization and other institutions as well as individuals.

In his remarks Faith Mussa stipulates that he engages himself in various community services as one way of showing appreciation on unseasonably support he attains from his fan base.

“I do this because it is part of giving back to the community which has built our career, and it is not only this event, but we are conducting such fundraising initiatives for various programs.”

“Everytime we have an event as a band, we make sure we give it our best shot, hence the same with this one, whereby it is an online and the good part is that people can watch from the comfort of their homes, provided they have subscribed”.