Empowering Men for Purpose: Central & Northern Region Men of Purpose Conference

 Empowering Men for Purpose: Central & Northern Region Men of Purpose Conference

In an endeavor to mold a new generation of purpose-driven men, the Men of Purpose (MOP) conference is set to take place this Saturday, August 19th, at the prestigious SANA Food Court Conference Hall in Lilongwe. Organized by the Raised For A Purpose (RFP) Ministries, this conference is geared towards equipping men to prioritize what truly matters, ensuring they become pillars of strength and value in their families, society, and nation.

The conference boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, President of RFP Ministries, and Central & Northern Regional Pastor, Pastor Marcus Daniel. Their combined expertise is expected to deliver a powerful message that resonates with attendees, encouraging them to redefine their purpose and impact.

Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga, President of RFP Ministries

“We’re raising a new generation of men—real men who understand what adds value to them and their communities,” said Pastor Marcus Daniel. He further elaborated, “The Men of Purpose conference is an arm within the RFP Ministries that focuses on achieving the Vision of the Ministry of Ministering to man in his totality (Spirit, Soul and Body), it meets the needs of man.”

The conference will cover a range of topics, with a strong emphasis on helping men grow holistically. “Mainly we are focusing on raising men who are spiritually, intellectually and physically sound,” explained Pastor Marcus Daniel.

“They will be the best in their service to God and will take responsibilities for their families and career progression.” Beyond these aspects, the conference will also delve into wealth creation and mental health—two critical areas that contribute to a well-rounded and purposeful life.

One of the central themes of the conference is the responsibility of priesthood for men. “Men are meant to be priests for their families,” Pastor Marcus Daniel emphasized. “This conference will cement that concept so that they return to their homes fully equipped for priesthood ministry.”

Central & Northern Regional Pastor, Pastor Marcus Daniel.

As attendees prepare to participate in this life-changing event, Pastor Marcus Daniel offered guidance. “They need to come with an open mind to receive what God has in store for them,” he said. “They need to raise their expectations to be challenged with the teaching of the word.”

The impact of the conference extends beyond the individual attendees. Pastor Marcus Daniel shared, “This conference will produce a different kind of men who will impact their families and societies.” He drew from past successes, citing many testimonials that highlighted transformations in men’s lives, marriages, and financial situations.

Although not the first time the MOP conference is being held, this gathering is particularly special. “We launched it here in Lilongwe last year,” Pastor Marcus Daniel recalled. “This is the second conference at this scale, but men meet almost every month where I share the word.” With its potent blend of wisdom, purpose, and fellowship, the Men of Purpose conference is set to leave an indelible mark on the lives of attendees, their families, and the community at large.