By: Bester Kayaye

A Dowa district based Divine Life Partakers (DLP) Ministry says it is set to host a one week long gospel symposium intended to reignite the spiritual standing of Christians in the district.

The conference whose theme is Attaining Spiritual Maturity is to be held at Mponela community Hall from 14 to 19 December 2020.

According to the Leader and founder of the ministry, Apostle Thokozani Mbowera, the conference intends to build the Lives of Christians from different denominations in areas of God’s wisdom, knowledge & Faith for effective Spiritual Warfare.

Apostle Mbowera believes that all Christians face Spiritual battles and hence the need to share ways of handling such enemy’s confrontations.

He said; “Spiritual maturity can be compared with physical attainment. When one matures, you expect them to be independent from some help. For example, one dresses up themselves, solves problems on their own, even raise their own siblings.”

“It’s exactly the same with Spiritual maturity. People will stop depending upon certain quarters like Pastors, Prophets or Spiritual figures for the same problems they face now & again. They will acquire solutions and act like their Spiritual figures in the same manner.”

During the week of the conference there will also be music performances by Divine Life Partakers Singers, dramas, leadership skills trainings, marriage and relationships counseling.

Commenting on the genesis of the ministry Apostle Mbowera cited the ministry was founded in 2014 with an agenda of fulfilling what was lacking in the body of Christ.

He explained; “Initially the church I was worshiping with failed to help the needy members such as students such that most of them ended up withdrawing simply because they had no one to pay them school fees. The church only focused on Pastors basket leaving the poor un-served. Though we noticed this, none could voice this issue out. We feared criticism.”

“Then God spoke to me to start helping without telling the church. I began by raising a little cash while at University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, serving from my own coffers. I managed to pay for 2 students at open school. One withdrew for reasons known to her but another continued.”

He added; “This went on until I graduated in 2014. At the church, crashes erupted until when I was inspired to start an independent ministry to reach out freely & help. Thus, in 2014, September, DLP was born. Ever since we have been sponsoring students with school fees and upkeep.”

Meanwhile the ministry has helped about 7 students finish their secondary education. Among them, one is a qualified primary school teacher and they are sponsoring about 4 students, one is at Chancellor College while three are at the secondary school.

“This is all about DLP ministry. We believe in ministry of LOVE, touching others. We don’t have sponsors other than members who are touched to help. We don’t receive salary for preaching. That’s why, I myself am employed, and so is my associate. If God can stir up the hearts of many people to join us in this charity work, we would appreciate it greatly.” –He reiterates.