Christ Chosen Tops the Weekly Top 10 Countdown with I have Moved!

 Christ Chosen Tops the Weekly Top 10 Countdown with I have Moved!

The Love World Music and Arts Malawi Singer, Christ Chosen takes the reigns this week on E I Radio Experience with his single, I have Moved.

Born Wiseman Mwale, Christ Chosen, is a rising star in the gospel music industry. With a unique voice and style, and mind-blowing lyrics, he promises fireworks in his journey. He has given radios a signal that he is here to stay.
” I am happy and grateful for holding position number one in the chat”, Is all he said when contacted by

Christ Chosen

Chosen is not new to first positions. His song You Reign was awarded Best Worship Song by Love World Music and Arts Ministry Malawi (LMAM) in October, 2019.

“Everyone wants to be on top. It feels great to be position one, really’ the young star said.
As a gospel artist, Chosen dreams of reaching out to more people, especially those in typical rural areas where the message of Jesus don’t necessarily get preached. “I want to see my songs touch lives, bring healing to nations, and bring hope to the heart-broken. Winning souls for the Master Jesus, that’s my mission. As well, international radio waves need to play my music.” Christ Chosen passionately highlighted.

Interestingly, he is planning of releasing a single every 2 months. Songs that Chosen compose are appealing to all age groups. He is very skillful in choice of words and instrumentation such that both urban and local listeners can identify with his music.

In I Have Moved he says:
I have moved/ am not alone/ Jesus lives in me/ I live in Him/ He lives in me/…
“I see myself influencing Malawi and beyond borders with my music,” Christ Chosen challenged. He said those who believe and put all their trust in God will come to see them materialize. For the youths out there who want to join the gospel music industry, he encouraged them to believe in themselves, take the first step, and God will stretch their efforts further. On top, he asked them to humble themselves because it is God who takes people to the top, not only talent or hard work. Chosen added that “you should have someone to look up to as a model. Make sure the person is of high integrity and of good report, prayerful as well as able to rebuke you when you are sidetracking.” wishes to congratulate Christ Chosen for holding position number one in the EI Radio Experience weekly chat.

Let’s see if he will maintain the position or someone else will take it from him.

Download Christ Chosen- I Have Moved

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