By Mercy Maulana

The county’s gospel hip hop star, Suffix has dropped the video to his newly released single,’Misozi’.

The single,which features Esther Chitheka, arose from the rapper’s observations on how lives are being lost due to COVID 19.
“The song came about from my observations by looking at how we are losing loved ones everyday. A day can’t pass without someone passing on due to the Virus….and as an artist, I felt moved in my spirit to do a song that would vent to what the nation is going through”, said the rapper.

The song’s first part carries the message of fear and anxiety many people have due to the increase in death rates, whilst the second part cries to God for healing and also celebrating the good work health workers are doing.

The multi-ward winning rapper has encouraged the nation to have love towards those that have tested positive and advised the public to continue following the Covid-19 preventive measures to avoid further spread of the Virus.

In a separate interview, Chitheka said the Misozi has been an opportunity for her to stand as a voice of prayer for the country.

She said, “A day can’t pass without hearing of someone passing on, we’ve lost loved ones, important personalities in our societies, so doing this project with Suffix, gave me that opportunity to be a voice for many and a prayer for my country for God’s mercies.

Recorded at manifest Studios by manifest, the video was shot by Ubwino, Kelvin Chimtengo and Thume.

Esther Chitheka

[Music Download] Suffix – Misozi ft Esther Chitheka