Spoken Word Artist,Reuel drops a new single Friday!

 Spoken Word Artist,Reuel drops a new single Friday!

By: Mercy Maulana

The Zomba based writer and poet Caleb Reuel is set to release a brand new single spoken word, “Hallelujah” Friday 18th December.

The single coming from his up-coming 12 pieces album “Revelation”, is the first one to be released this year before Reuel drops a second single, “The Zion Breed” on the Christmas morning.

Reuel said the single is based from a revelation and a profound perspective for the famous Christian word, “Hallelujah”.


“I have always loved the word Hallelujah , growing up in the things of God, I’ve found myself attached to the word, but the inspiration to turn it into a spoken wolrd, came from a special revelation

Reading an extract from the Hallelujah,one would get to understand that Reuel’s spoken word,is an inspired project rich in the powers,presence and annointing of God resting in the man that fears and walks with the Lord .

In the Condrum of Babylon,

When a royal vision was forgotten

by the mighty king

Daniel upstaged the concordance

Of sorcery, astrology and witchcraft

He and his friends sung a

Revelation song ; He reveals deep deep and secret things,

Ten times wiser than the rest put

Together, their captivity was made captive by the power of their


In his remarks, Reuel said,”The hallelujah and all the pieces in the revelation album,are an inspiration full of the love, truthfulness and the presence of God in a man. They have been made to impact every person at whatever stage they are at”.

Reuel has promised his fans to patiently wait for the release of the whole Revelation album early 2021.

The single will be available on the poet’s digital store and zambuye.com

“The digital copy will be available at k2500 and we’ll start allowing pre-orders next week”, said Reuel.

In his poetry, Reuel aims at bringing content people can relate with, learn from and be impacted by.