By: Bester Kayaye

Spoken Word Artist, Cliff Ceekay has partnered with musician Boanerge in a new prayer poetry dubbed “Sometimes we pray.”

Through the artistic prayer the Poet is praying seeking God’s divine interventions towards the troubling times,especially frontline health workers that are serving the sick.

According to the poet, frontline health workers are just a quarter amongst many heroes doing God’s work through their services who also deserves to be acknowledged.

Ceekay said; “We are spiritual beings, we ought to pray everyday. However, this is unlike any other prayer we usually pray. This time we are praying for others, mainly health workers. This prayer comes due to the time we are in.”

“COVID-19 has done a lot of damage, and health workers are in the forefront, at their own risk. So we pray that God should be there for them as they provide health care and support.”

He added that; “The message is that we should recognize people who are doing God’s work through service to us. They undergo through a lot. We need to pray for them. In this scenario, health workers are just case in a point, but there are a lot of heroes out there.”

“It also urges us to concentrate on their great works not only on their shortfalls. There service is sacrificial.”

The poet then highlighted that prayer is an integral instrument for Christians as it connects believers with God and he further extended the call for all Christians to keep on praying for the country citing; “the more we pray sincerely, the more we allow God to manifest in our life. Like it is said, ‘we are what we repeatedly do,’ so the more you pray, the more we function from the spirit-man.”

Cliff Ceekay initiated his poetic journey having been introduced into the industry by his friend Kondwani Gadausi.

In 2017, he started another form of poetry “Spoken Word” which he used to recite at local church gatherings until 2020 when he started recording to reach out to a wider audience.

“Meanwhile I plan to grow myself in order to produce classic work for my audience. I plan to work with people whom we share same faith. The people that will support me and help me grow as nowadays support is rare.”