Song Review: “Nyumba Yopanda Mwini Wake”

 Song Review: “Nyumba Yopanda Mwini Wake”

Artist: Princosh Mak

Song: Nyumba Yopanda Mwini Wake

Reviewer: Martin Chrispine Juwa

2020 is a year that has seen a lot of music releases from both up and coming and established artists. It is also a year with numerous outcries due economic turmoil and other bad happenings such as death. As many people have lamented about dry pockets, dying businesses, school closure, and other, Princosh Mak’s song Nyumba Yopanda Mwini Wake is a cry for something else. 

Princosh Mak

Real name Prince Makwakwa, Princosh Mak expresses grief for the Christians who do not care about their bodies; indulging in immoral acts, thereby destroying the body; the temple of the Holy Spirit. Nyumba Yopanda Mwini Wake, which was released on 5th December, 2020, is taken from 1 Corinthians 6: 19 – which says “Don’t you know that you are the temple of God, and that the Holy Spirit lives in you? The Spirit is in you and is a gift from God. You are no longer your own.” 

Thupi lopanda mzimu/ nyumba yopanda mwini wake/ 

zikabwera mbala zitengamo zonse/ nyumba yopanda mwini wake/ (X3)

kukhala ndekha toto ndakana/ opanda mzimu toto ndakana/ 

ndakana toto ndakana/ ndakana toto ndakana/ ndakana toto ndakana/ 

Princosh’s song starts by explaining how the body has been left uninhabited by the Holy Spirit, and ends with a call to all Christians to never resist the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (according to the late lines in the chorus). He then, in verse one, reflects on the beauty of the body, with all necessities available, but the Holy Spirit not therein. In the second verse, Princosh Mak takes us back to the vow that we are God’s temple and we pledge to take care of the home of the Holy Spirit! He follows through this pledge by explaining that the devil always preys on Christians who do not let the Spirit take charge of their inner being. He finally warns that a Christian is not safe without the fire of the Holy Spirit. 

Princosh Mak is a Gospel artist who started his music journey in 2012 while in school. Aside from music, he works with Lilongwe Water Board. Inspired by the likes of Kelvin Sings and David Kalilani, locally, and Bizzle, Flame and Travis Green, internationally, the artist believes that music must go beyond entertainment. According to him, music is a powerful tool forged to win souls for the Kingdom of God.