Sibhusiso’s “Nthowa” Tops February Downloads, Sir Creedy Second

 Sibhusiso’s “Nthowa” Tops February Downloads, Sir Creedy Second

In the vibrant landscape of urban Christian music, stands out as a beacon of the latest gospel news, music, videos, fashion, interviews, charts, events, and more. As February draws to a close, the statistics reveal a dynamic mix of talent and creativity that has captivated listeners throughout the month.

Topping the list is Sibhusiso’s “Nthowa,” a soul-stirring anthem that has resonated deeply with audiences, garnering an impressive 8292 downloads since its release on February 1st.

Following closely behind is Sir Creedy’s “Moto Freestyle,” a high-energy dancehall track that has amassed 8056 downloads since its release on February 8th. Sir Creedy’s unique blend of lyricism and delivery has earned him a dedicated following, with “Moto Freestyle” solidifying his position as one of the genre’s rising stars.

Suffix’s “Si Lero ft. Driemo” comes in third place with 4053 downloads, showcasing the artist’s versatility and musical prowess. The combination of these heavyweights has not disappointed the expectations of their fans, as the song released on February 23rd has already made waves in the gospel music scene, cementing Suffix’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. This single may be the most downloaded this week.

Other notable entries on Zambuye’s February singles include Gwamba’s “Mukadalitsa feat Praise Umali & Kambwiri Sisters” with 3242 downloads, Dr. Drew & Angie Lee’s “Chandimiza Mix” with 1643 downloads, and Success Chimaliro’s “Mundithandize Ft Levison Masamba” with 1087 downloads.

As February comes to a close, continues to be the go-to destination for all things gospel music, providing a platform for artists to share their message and connect with fans.
Here is the top five:
1. Sibhusiso – Nthowa – 8292 Downloads
2. Sir Creedy – Moto Freestyle – 8056 Downloads
3. Suffix – Si Lero ft. Driemo – 4053 Downloads
4. Gwamba – Mukadalitsa feat Praise Umali & Kambwiri Sisters – 3242 Downloads
5. Harris Msosa – Ali Mbali Yathu – 2776 Downloads