By: Bester Kayaye 

One of the longest serving Gospel Hip Hop artist in Malawi Pro Gain says he is set to uplift and motivate souls in his new single dubbed “You Can’t Steal My Joy” set to hit airwaves today.

According to Christ centric rapper, the single is to be premiered by Dj Joy Nathu on made on Monday radio programme tonight and it has been produced by Marcus, GD and Manifest

 Pro Gain said the song ought to challenge the devil that despite all the setbacks and murky waves being encountered the true believers will still be at peace due to God’s presence and marvelous deeds. 

He said; “It is me telling the enemy that he can’t steal my Joy, but also encouraging the masses to not let the enemy steal their joy in amidst the chaos the world is subjected to now.”

“We are living in a time when the world is going through alot of challenges, so I felt like it’s only right that I release this song. To give hope.” 

The rapper also described the year 2020 as a progressive year having managed to set out one of his video “Always Say a Prayer” on Trace TV and Channel O.

“For 2020 the main setback has been the lack of shows due to the pandemic, but all in all it has been a great year for me honestly.” – He reiterates 

“It has been a busy year for me, full of exciting moments and breakthroughs. I’ve managed to get my video on Trace and Channel O, I think that’s what’s been my highlight career-wise” 

Pro Gain also disclosed that he is to drop a third album on 1st January 2021, and a video for “You Can’t Still My Joy” hence urging his fans to “they should also expect more videos in 2021”

“The album is another exciting thing for me, and so far what I can say is that it has more than 10 songs and it has more fusions and brings a different side of me which people have never heard before.”

With the pending third album Pro Gain first appeared on gospel music scene with his first album entitled “180 Degrees Turn from death to Life” with the leading single “God Given (I got it from ma Poppa)”, then he released “Firm Grip”  that had the leading single ” Mfana Wofewa”