Mwanie Survives a fatal Car Accident, Releases Kontorolla

 Mwanie Survives a fatal Car Accident, Releases Kontorolla

By: Bester Kayaye

Mwanie, a well-known producer, songwriter and singer has vowed to serve God after seeing God’s mercy, saving him from a fatal accident.

“The Car I was driving in to Blantyre is beyond recognition. I have seen the hand of God. I am going to serve Him with all my life”, Mwanie remarked when contacted.

Mwanie – Its Time to serve God

David Kalilani was best suited to offer support and welcome a newly converted Versatile Producer and Music Artist, Mwanie into the music ministry in his new single: Kontorolla.

Mwanie dropped Kontorolla, a song he is asking God to take control of his life on new mission to spread the Gospel through music.

“Kontorolla is a song that talks about letting God take control of my life from now on wards, it’s message of announcing my transition to let the lord take lead.” – He said

Born Chance Guwa, the producer has been in the music industry for over a decade, working with the greats and small in the field including Dan Lu, Tay Grin.

Commenting on his transition, Mwanie explained that he decided to surrender his life to Jesus Christ having realized emptiness and clueless life without Jesus can be as he reflected on his past life.

“Recently I felt like my mistakes have started redefining me and I needed to change. When I made a choice in January, a lot of bad things have been happening only to show that the devil is angry with me.”

Mwanie added that; “people know me more as a producer, but other than that I’m also a song writer and a singer. I have done music for about 10 years now and I’m happy with how I have changed the industry with my sound, but now this is a season of change, where all my passion in the music is to glorify the Lord.”

Concurring with Mwanie’s sentiments, David Kalilani highlighted that it is vital for youths to surrender their lives to God.

Kalilani said “the song Kontorolla is about letting God take full control of our lives. He should be the main Kontorolla. That’s why the artwork is a car without a driver. The one in control is Jesus (God).”

“He came up with the idea for the song because for a long time he has worked with big name artists in the industry such as Dan Lu, Episodz, Tay Grin and many more he has produced for them.”

“Now he is in a space in his life where he wants to fully dedicate all his gifts and talents to preaching the Gospel. So this song is a declaration of surrendering fully to God.”- He added

Download the song here:

[Music Download]Mwanie & David Kalilani – Kontorolla