By: Bester Kayaye.

Sampling out some reggae gospel songs available in Malawi, and listening to a newly released song Ndi Ndani Kodi? by Jay Jay, one is left mesmerized by good composure, rich lyrical content and spiritual comfort all crated in the single piece.

In the song, one is left to believe with unreasonable doubt that the artist has utilized his profound experience and skills set developed  over the years in his career lane to come up with such a fine reggae-gospel tune.

Jay Jay

In Ndi Ndani Kodi? which is a question “WHO? Jay Jay questions on who is capable of meeting everyone’s needs and handling everyday challenges people face, and, in conclusion, the artist gives a hope filled reply citing Jesus is the only answer to all worldly wearies.

Among other questions the gifted artist repeatedly asks Ndi ndani amene safuna kukhala olemera? Ndi ndani kodi amene safuna kukhala pa banja? Ndi ndani kodi amene safuna kukhala ndi ana? These are the three questions on who does not desire riches, marriage and children, and he firmly emphasized that Jesus Christ is only one who has the mantle to satisfy all human desires.

In one of the interviews, Jay Jay told Zambuye.com that the song seeks to emphasize the truth that nobody wants to die poor, everyone wants to have kids, family wife, husband and all human desires of life.

 He said: “I can just say that everyone wants to live a good life, but one thing we have to know is that there’s no one else who can answer or give what we dream of each and every day apart from Jesus Christ. He is the answer of everything.”

He went on to say, “Once we are doing good in our hearts in the presence of the Lord we will have and we will be who we want to be that’s the only way. Let’s have faith in our Lord Christ Jesus.”

Born as John Kutsokwe junior, in a family of six children, the artist is the last born of the late Bishop John and Catherine Kutsokwe. Jay Jay started music in church at a very tender age having played keyboard for his church at the age of fourteen. He then moved out from church to join the band called the Dark Crowds in Ndirande, and later joined the Young Generations, popularly known as Afiti Opemphera in vernacular.

In 2001 he went to Jai Banda’s Uhuru Band for a year, and then in 2002 Jay Jay went to Road House where he was playing with Bigman Andy and Matumbi vibrations,

In 2006 Jay Jay founded Mizati Band where he was playing Keyboard and leading the band as a lead vocalist, with the late Goodson Saiwa on drums, Manyozo Tchado on lead guitar and the late Oswald Ndawala on bass. He then got signed with Nde’feyo Entertainment in 2008 and in 2011 he joined Mibawa Band where he was a lead vocalist with Eunice Kadzuwa Mhango.

Talking of his gospel music journey, Jay Jay disclosed to have surrendered his life to Christ in 2019 and since then he vowed to utilize his talent for God’s glory.

“I am a true born again Christian and I’m not just a gospel artist but also a Christian artist. I gave my life to Christ in 2019 in May, and that’s when I started thinking of using my talent and career to sing and praise the Lord and I choose to do reggae.”

On 2021 musical outlook, the artist hinted plans to launch an album in six months, dubbed My Redeemer among other projects.

“The year 2021 is a year of arising and anointing, though we have a lot of fear with this Corona virus, but God is on our side and my dream is to launch My Redeemer album and this is my promise to everyone who knows me and who doesn’t know me.”