By: Staff Reporter

For the past few years the country’s gospel music scene has witnessed resurgence of new and active bloodline spiritualized to carry over the mantle of proclaiming the name of Lord Jesus Christ across various podiums through the art of music.

 With the increase of local talents at a far much greater speed, Malawi should anticipate the blossoming of yet another talent from a Lilongwe based Gospel Hip Hop rapper Christian Soldier.

Although the name Christian Soldier is not new in the music industry having started music way back in 2012, the rapper has been active in gospel music fraternity from 2014 but he went silent for 2 years and he has made a comeback with a latest released single “Ay!” set to be released on Saturday  23 January 2021.

“Ayi” artwork

Speaking in exclusive interview with, the Christian rapper whose real name is Mphatso Chidemba, disclosed to have embarked on music journey with his best friend Joexy in 2012 after he received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

“I believe God came at the right time through the right people that made the message of God available for me and I got born again.” 

He further said; “In rapping people can love you today then forget about you tomorrow. The second thing your audience is your responsibility. You are the pastor for that group of people. Hence the need to be watchful to ensure that you are not misleading them.”

“This is another challenge alot of rappers fail to achieve knowing that you have people behind you, it helps you to grow spiritually you can’t deliver what you don’t know or what you are not sure of.”

Then the rapper started a group labelled as Christian soldiers through which he championed to release a number of singles and 2 albums themed Bwelera in 2014 and Kuthwanima kwa Diso in 2017.

The rapper later went silent for 2 years following disbandment of the group as all members of the crew were caught up with various entanglements including school whilst some embark on solo projects.

For his comeback the young artist is working with another fast growing Christian centric music group called Yesu MuzimaSpeaker Movement which hosts other artists such as EchoRino, Wishes aka Kairos.

Throughout his journey the artist has been inspired by Masomphenya, Pastor David Kalilani, Liwu, Suffix, KBG whom he usually boasts to have spirit filled bars in their music.

Stressing on some f the hiccups faced as an upcoming artist, Christian Soldier highlighted the lack of support as a major setback that hinders many from attaining greater heights through music.

“This is why there are alot of good artists out there but we don’t know them because they have no one to help them.”He said. 

And commenting about his new song, “AY!”, the artist disclosed to have developed the concept upon realization on tough times that many people are going through.

He said; “The concept came after seeing the times we are passing through, some people have lost faith and hope, have lost focus, no longer looking to our Lors Jesus Christ for help, thinking we can find hope somewhere else.” 

“This song is a reminder that God is still the same even in the bad times and no one is greater than Him. He has done it before and he will still do it.”

Christian Soldier